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There is a common saying “A little goes a long way” and that is so true with panda conservation worldwide. Together, we can make a difference. Be sure to check our blog to see where your hard earn money is being spent make a donations toady.

Some things you should know.


If you wish we can let you know which charity or cause your money is being spent at so you can contact them to ensure it has been received or if you just want to keep in contact – we are all panda lovers after all!

Tax Deductable

All donations made by Australian citizens are tax deductible 100% if they are over $1AUD. For other countries please seek your own accounting advice.


Donate Now & Help Save Our Pandas


Adelaide Zoo

Giving them a helping hand

Adelaide Zoo in Australia’s South is home to some pandas and we have chosen them as our first cause to support and help with their awareness raising efforts of our beloved panda.

Your donations money will go to helping them continue to keep the pandas happy and well fed along with supporting features like making their habitat better and research into breeding programs.


Adelaide Zoo, South Australia

Our current Panda loving cause partner.