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FREE Panda Love Lanyard on all orders!

To celebrate our launch we are including in all orders made until 31/12/2019 a free Panda Love Lanyard valued at $14.95. This offer is for all orders worldwide, great and small so get in whilst stocks last! Featuring a quick release neck strap for added safety, premium die cast graphic print as well as a sturdy clip at the base of the lanyard – we have just found your new home for your house and car keys! Free Panda Love is your one stop destination for all Panda related soft toys, plush toys and panda accessories. We work closely with our in-house design team and multiple suppliers globally to bring you only the best and most unique panda products on the market. Backed by at least a 1 year warranty and excellent customer service across multiple mediums – we are here to make your Panda shopping experience one to remember. Buying something for your needs allows a consumer to earn more “panda points”. Coming back and shopping more corresponds to the necessary bonus points. Simply going back to the shopping site and completing a purchase is equivalent to points multiplied. This means that every dollar spent on shopping may have the way to double the points. Through purchase of panda items and accessories, a shopper is guaranteed to earn “panda points”. Afterwards, a consumer shopping online may earn more points due to a loyalty award. Considering the valuable points earned while shopping, perks and bonuses along with your “panda points” that come with your purchase, this would be a great opportunity to refer family and friends to the site who can shop and earn points themselves. These may add loyalty points that will open more opportunity to shop.

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