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Pandas have a special charisma that captured the hearts of millions. Panda Bear is their gentle faces and docile nature in their habitat that charmed millions of people worldwide. What do we know about these lovable creatures aside from their charisma and their country of origin?

We all know pandas are from China. To date, there are only 1,900 pandas left and 300 of them live in zoos across the globe. They are considered a national treasure by their country of origin. The Chinese and other conservationists are working hard for them to multiply in their natural habitat. And thanks to these efforts, from the late 1970’s Panda Bear population of 1,000; it has increased by 900. 

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They are vegetarians. And their staple food is bamboo. They consume around 12.8 kilograms of bamboo; 12 hours straight every day. Pandas love eating young bamboo shoots and leaves because these are richer in nutrients compared to older shoots and leaves. These are rich in nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Bamboos are not as nutritionally rich as other species of grass so the cuddly bears consume more to get the nutrients they need every day. Talk about munchies, panda bears can defeat any human in the all-day marathon food consumption. 

Aside from their favorite food; they occasionally eat fish, rodents, birds, and insects if there isn’t a steady supply of bamboo in their feeding areas.

Pandas are highly territorial and natural loners. They only seek out company during spring mating season. Female pandas mate once every 2 to 3 years. They only reproduce two cubs and only one will likely survive. The low birthrate; rampant hunting for decades or centuries; and destruction of habitat are the cause of the decrease in numbers of these great animals. 

For years, biologists were baffled of the species; their distinct color and size have scientists confused whether they are bears, raccoon or their distinct line of mammals. Over the courses of studies and comparison with other wild animals, it’s been concluded that they are indeed unique bears with several similarities with other kinds of bears.

The panda bears uniqueness makes it a remarkable creature that we do not want to lose. Humanity is tasked to take care of nature and the animals, let’s do our share by spreading the love for the charismatic pandas. 

Panda Love supports foundations aimed to help in keeping these lovable animals alive and well in their natural habitat. It is for future generations – for them to experience and feel the joy of giving back to nature.

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Love the Panda Bear
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