Panda Loves Conservation Efforts

Panda Love Conservation Causes

Panda Love is a worldwide emerging brand that is putting its ventures to secure Panda bears in the world. According to World Wild Fund, Panda bears are an endangered species that need enormous care to avoid extinction. Panda Love joined this noble cause of World Wild Fund to provide the safe havens for Panda bears. Panda Love has a number of products for its valuable customers, and all these products are directly or indirectly related to Panda bears.

The significant percentage from the revenue generated by the selling of these products has been spent on the preservation of Panda bears. Going side by side, there are also many other organizations that are contributing to the same cause. Their role in this matter is also pivotal, and it will not be fair not to appreciate their endeavors. So, we, the ‘Panda Love’, are going to describe those organizations and forums who are involved in this conservation movement of Panda bears based in Australia.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo has always been a step forward when it came to conserving the Panda bears. The struggles made by Adelaide zoo in order to conserve the Panda bears can never be put aside. Adelaide zoo has long been the host of giant Panda bears. The most famous Panda Bear Wang and Fu Ni are the resident of this zoo. These white and black duo, two giant Panda bears, have a fascinating beauty. No doubt, the services of Adelaide Zoo for the preservation of Panda Bear is a true inspiration for those who love Panda Bear. These giant Panda bears were shifted to Australia from China about a decade ago.


World Wild Fund, Australia

World Wild Fund is not coming slowly even in Australia to protect Panda bears. World Wild Fund, Australia is extending its utmost ventures to preserve the Panda bears. Special steps have been taken to protect the habitat of these giant pandas. Hand in hand, they also decided to feed these pandas on Bamboo, and it takes about 12.5kg of Bamboo to feed one Panda to upkeep its energy level.

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Media talk about the Extinction of Animals in Australia

In this age, where technology has gained its ground everywhere, the media is in the approach of everyone. So, the role of media cannot be denied in this regard. While talking to media a few months before, the vice-premier of Australia announced on media to initiate a public fund that will be used for the preservation of endangered species. Panda bears have also been mentioned in this speech. It has been said that the fund collected from people will be invested in the preservation of the habitat of endangered species. However, it is a highly laudable step indeed that has been taken officially. This initiative has further increased the concern of people for endangered animals.

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Panda Loves Conservation Efforts