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What are Pandas?

Beloved by kids and adults alike, these black-and-white, gentle giants live in the dense bamboo forest of southwestern China. The Giant Panda is omnivorous, which means it likes to snack on bamboo and leaves but may occasionally treat itself with a fish or two.
The pandas only “gain” their characteristic black-and-white markings in adulthood: the baby pandas are born pink and only weigh about a hundred grams! The bamboo and leaves they indulge into may not sound like a tasty treat but they sure help the little ones grow fast.

What makes the panda bear special?

In nature, large size often corresponds with danger. That’s not the case with pandas: the Giant Pandas are extremely gentle, kind and patient creatures, with an often clumsy demeanor that makes them all-so-relatable! A panda’s life is quite relaxed and stress-free: their major daily activities include snacking on bamboo, sleeping, and lounging around the forest. Well, their laziness comes second only to their love for bamboo: when this giant spots their favorite forest treat, they can devour up to 40kg in a single day!

Many people around the world share their love for pandas but seeing one in the wild is quite a special and rare occasion. Despite their gentle nature, pandas are on the brink of extinction and are currently considered an endangered species.

Panda bears are quite shy and possess a heightened sense of smell, which they use to their advantage to avoid other creatures, including humans. They rarely venture into populated areas so your only chance of spotting one is in their home forests or special, man-made habitat.

The panda

Why Do we link pandas to love?

For centuries, bears have symbolized love and affection. It’s no coincidence that one of the most popular idioms for a big, cuddly hug is “bear hug”! However, it’s the natural friendliness, humbleness and gentle nature of the panda bears that make them special amongst the bear family, when it comes to cuteness and affection.

The panda is a naturally curious and playful creature: even observing them can be a joyful experience. Additionally, for centuries, the panda bear has been a symbol of peace and friendliness; they live in harmony with the other inhabitants of the forest, rarely harming another and co-existing in peace with everything around them… except for maybe the bamboo.

The panda love bear