Why Austrlians Need Panda Love

What’s the feeling that floods your system when you think of a panda? If you’re like most people, the answer most likely gravitates towards cute, adorable, snuggly, or any other synonym you would use to describe a teddy bear.

From their enchanting dark eye circles, the colour-blocked visage, to their silly antics— these majestic creatures are simply irresistible. In simpler terms, pandas are the epitome of cuteness. And while it’s not possible to snuggle with one, the least you can do is settle for the next best thing – panda-inspired products! Plus, they make a wonderful gift to liven up the moods of a loved one amid the gloomy shadow cast by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get to Know Panda Love Like no Other

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Care to welcome the joy and love that pandas symbolize to your home? Enter Panda Love – a unique marketplace that draws inspiration from the most adorable creature on the face of the earth.

Panda Love houses panda bear-inspired products and accessories—including cute panda headbands, panda stress balls, bracelets, hats, clothes, lanyards, mugs, phone cases, and even a cliché panda bear that’s snuggle-worthy.

While the cohort of items is clearly diverse, they all share the same underlying purpose; to bring happiness. Fun fact: Did you know that Australia has continually ranked in the top 10 of the World Happiness Index? Come to think about it; a panda represents Aussies in a way – i.e., they’re both characterized by a happy feel.

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Here’s another fun Aussie fact for you; Australia has a rapport for a generous gifting culture. According to a recent survey by the Financial Planning Association (FPA), Australians “splurge” as much as $20 billion annually on gift-buying. To put this into perspective, that’s $1,200 per person.

Now, combine this gifting culture; the inherent happiness of Australians, and the universal love of pandas—and you have panda-inspired gifts to spread the love in Australia.

More Reasons to Love Panda!

Why Panda Love? Well, aside from the irresistible pandas. Here are more reasons to fall head over hills for Panda Love.

  • Quality and Affordability: What says quality like a product specifically designed to be passed on from one generation to the next like an heirloom? Panda Love is all about superior craftsmanship, high-quality material, and unquestionable durability. We want to create something you’ll love for a lifetime—and not break the bank while you’re at it. As a testament to our dedication to unequivocal quality, all products under the Panda Love brand have a money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Neat, right?
  • Fast, Free Shipping: You’ve succumbed to the irresistible lure of pandas and ordered your favourite panda-inspired product/accessory—the next thing that follows is an impatience to get a hold of the buy ASAP! Panda Love comes through with fast (same day) and free shipping in Australia on orders over $49. This ensures you can send that cute panda gift to your loved one with minimal delays. You get to see their smiles sooner.

In the mood for some Panda Love? Show your love for others and the pandas with our interesting collection of gifts that are guaranteed to coerce a smile.

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Why Austrlians Need Panda Love