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WWF on Panda Bears

According to World Wild Fund, since the industrial revolution, man has become the biggest intruder in the habitats of numerous animals. These steps had been taken with the intention of setting industries on the acquired land from the cutting of forests. This destruction of habitats of different species put them in severe danger of extinction. The same is the case with Panda bears. Since the last few decades, it is also facing problems related to habitat loss.

Moreover, fragmentation and climate change are also leading causes that are enhancing the chances of Panda bears’ extinction. But, World Wild Fund is all set to play its role in preserving this species. The reason behind this move of World Wild Fund is to reduce the damage inculcated to the food chain of animals due to the extinction of species. So, World Wild Fund had pledged to put its utmost endeavors in this regard.

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WWF Conservational Efforts for Panda Bears

World Wild Fund is putting its utmost ventures to bring security for this endangered species. The following steps are being implemented to secure these Panda bears.

  • The area of the habitat of Panda bears is being increased under the strict protection of authorities. Violation of rules in this regard would be seen under legal options.
  • To link isolated Pandas, green corridors are being made. This will also assist in increasing the number of Pandas.
  • Proper counting and monitoring of Pandas are being done. Research to improve their habitat is also on the cards of WWF.
  • The cutting of bamboo trees is strictly prohibited, as these bamboo trees are the most significant source of food for these Pandas.

So, keeping in view the contributions mentioned above from the WWF side, it will not be wrong to rhetoric to say that WWF is doing its best in this regard.

How ‘Panda Love’ is supporting the Stance of WWF?

Panda Love is an emerging brand that is putting its best ventures to support the stance of the World Wild Fund. Panda Love adopted a unique approach through which it is selling its products by keeping people aware of love for Panda bears. All products of Panda Love explicitly propagate the message of love for Panda bears, as either the products are in the form of Panda bear or it is printed on the products.


Panda Love Products

To create awareness in people regarding love for Panda bears, all the products directly or indirectly relate with Pandas. Panda Love has something for everyone in its stock. If we cast a look at its stock, we will get to know that there are Home accessories, Shirts, Pillows, Umbrellas, Panda Pots, and many more things. So, this approach helps in taking an interest in the conservation of Panda bears by joining their hands with each other.

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World Wild Fund (WWF) & Panda Love